Stephen Paulello was at one time a successful concert pianist. He did not like the limiting nature of the standard piano with 88 keys. He dreamed of making something different for himself. So, he did. He conceived, developed, and built a piano with extra keys that would allow him to do things that no other pianist could match. Since then, in the late 1990s, he has created these pianos for a select few customers around the world. In fact, he has given up his performing career to be exclusively a piano builder.

The piano has 102 keys and adds the additional notes at both the low and high ends of the range of the instrument. As Pauelello says, he wanted to do something exceptionally different and create a whole new method of piano making: new soundboard, new strings, new stringing method, and new materials. Those who have one of these interesting instruments say that they’re worth the almost 200,000 euros they cost.

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