Pianist Andras Schiff‘s latest remarkable recording of both Brahms’ piano concertos with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment has received a lot of attention and mention. Schiff plays a Blüthner grand piano built in Leipzig in 1859, the year that the D minor concerto was first performed.

Several years ago, Schiff acquired an 1820 fortepiano, which was used to make recordings of two double albums with Schubert’s late piano works.

When Brahms heard von Bülow’s orchestra, he said that they were playing with the sound and scale of his performances. His favourite ensembles are often smaller than 49 players in size – like when Hans saw them perform at Meiningen Castle where it only took about 50 musicians total! This collaboration between Schiffs’ orchestras led him to choose such an instrument group for this recording; Orchestra Of The Age OF Enlightenment makes sense because their last project together was doing something similar (playing piano concerts).

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