Zlata Chochieva has world-class good looks to go along with her dazzling technique and spot-on musicianship. She commands any stage upon which she appears. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, in-person performances have largely disappeared. She combats this through a series of online performances, and she chooses a slightly different repertoire than one might expect: transcriptions. For these, she chooses the leading practitioners of the art, including Rachmaninoff and Liszt. Liszt, in particular, is famous for his thoughtful and delightful transcriptions. He has an uncanny knack for making his version sound like the original.

His Beethoven symphony transcriptions are his most famous works in the genre, but his re-imagining of many of Schubert’s songs are equally fine. Chochieva wants any transcription she plays to sound as much like the original as possible, which is why she has chosen such high-quality pieces for her online series.

Piano Transcriptions – Zlata Chochieva