The pianist’s seat is generally taken for granted, and we rarely hear about piano brands and manufacturers focusing on the ergonomical aspects in design of piano benches and stools.

Zayda Jiménez, the founder of Kaunus, a company that elevates both the visual and functional aspects of piano bench design, spoke with Piano Street about visual and ergonomic piano stool design.

Kaunus piano benches are collector’s goods, and each one is handcrafted by up to six distinct artisans using the most accurate and delicate hands available. The goal is to create the best piano bench possible, both visually and mechanically.

When it came to commencing the piano bench project, Kaunus founder Zayda Jiménez believes her training as an antique furniture restorer was crucial. It allowed her to meet the top artisans in their profession, and many of them are now part of the manufacturing process of a Kaunus bench, in addition to technical expertise about the use of materials and finishes.

Jiménez is grateful for what the profession has taught her: to never give up on a piece since there is a tremendous story, a life, behind an antique piece of furniture that the restorer must recover, as well as the beauty and majesty it once had.
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