Nearly 200 contestants strove for the first prize in the 18th International Chopin Competition in October 2021. The competition streamed itself live in 4K so that fans from around the world could hear the upcoming virtuosos and compare them to their favorite renditions. Chopin fanciers from everywhere could sink their teeth into the most delicious collection of new interpretations available. The performances are all listed on a single webpage and are grouped alphabetically by performer’s last name. Further, they are grouped by stage of the competition.

The performers had a slew of top-notch pianos from which to choose, and they were also allowed to switch from one piano to another between rounds. The works were all Chopin, but there were some that were more popular than others. The contestants played the F-minor ballade no fewer than 18 times. The competition went viral as the first round reached more than 500,000 views!

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