It’s tough enough to try to teach oneself the piano through the internet. It’s tougher still when there is little, if any, access to high-quality instruments, printed sheet music, and the extra cash necessary to be able to have access to these things. Top-notch instruction is also lacking. In Kenya, that’s the situation. None of the musical advantages that North Americans, Asians, and Europeans enjoy are readily accessible in East Africa. Cordelia Williams is striving to change that.

She teaches students of all ages in Kenya and goes three times a year for extended periods each time. She enjoys nurturing not only their talent but also their love of music and their love of improving. If not for her efforts, it would be entirely likely that these students would remain self-taught and wouldn’t have the benefit of world-class instruction. Whether working for the Guildhall School or simply for herself, Cordelia Williams is helping put Kenya on the musical map.

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